Scholarships for the best of the year

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Award of the Solvay GmbH

Year Award winners
Study Course
2018 Mr. Tobias Prieß Business Management of Process and Energy Engineering
2017 Mr. Ruben Jakob Helge Goldhahn Chemical Engineering: Molecular and Structural Product Design
2016 Mr. Nico Kurs Process Engineering
Mr. Erik Scheunemann Environmental and Energy Engineering
2015 Mrs. Antje David Process Engineering
2014 Mrs. Verena Strutrucker Environmental and Energy Engineering
2013 Mrs. Miriam Pougin Process Engineering
Mrs. Erna Anne Senkel Environmental and Energy Engineering
2012 Mrs. Thi Tuong Vy Process Engineering
Mrs. Sarah Rödel Environmental and Energy Engineering


Award of the DOW Olefinverbund GmbH

Year Award winners
Study course
2020 Herr Stefan Bube Process Engineering
Herr Manuel Kempf Safety and Hazard Defence
2019 Herr Christoph Krieger Process Engineering
Herr Moritz Stelter Safety and Hazard Defence
2018  Mr. Jonathan Gänsch Process Engineering
Mr. Lukas Janisch Safety and Hazard Defence

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