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Institute of Apparatus and Environmental Technology

The institute was founded in January of 1993 at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. It was separated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1998 and integrated into the new Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering. It continues the work of the Institute of Heat Engineering and Chemical Equipment established in 1956 at the former University of Applied Sciences for Heavy Machinery.

Chair of Chemical Apparatus

Head: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dr. h. c. Lothar Mörl

Chair of Chemical Apparatus website

At the Chair of Chemical Apparatus, both theory and experiment-driven research are currently conducted in the following main areas:

  • Modeling of heat and mass transfer in liquid sprayed fluidized beds
  • Modeling population balances for granulation, coating and the agglomeration in fluidized beds
  • Studies on the absorption in liquid sprayed fluidized beds
  • Studies on the adsorption for the drying of temperature sensitive products
  • Drying of biological products using adsorbents
  • Fluidized bed drying with air
  • Fluidized bed drying with superheated steam
  • Decay behaviour of particles in fluidized beds
  • Development of new spouted bed equipment
  • Formulation of biologically active pesticides in fluidized beds
  • Producing multilayered coated seeds in fluidized beds
  • Fluidized bed extraction of essential oils and fats
  • Coffee roasting, crystallizing  and cooling in the fluidized beds


Chair of Systems Engineering and Plant Safety

Head:  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Krause

Chair of Systems Engineering and Plant Safety website

  • Uncertainty in engineering calculations
  • Process development for the assessment of safety management and "safety culture"
  • Safety-oriented design
  • Probabilistic methods of security analysis
  • Fault detection
  • Man-machine interface
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Supply and security operation of decentralized energy supply systems
  • Passive safety
  • Analysis of accident hazards (occupational safety)
  • Modeling of litter debris
  • Fire protection
  • Technical risks
  • Space planning


Chair of Environmental Protection Technology

Head: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Heinz Köser

Chair of Environmental Protection Technology website

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