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 Dear students, please use the following e-mail address from now on:


Procedural instructions for the period of absence of the Examination Office




Please make appointments via the appointment tool, by e-mail or by telephone. Application forms (registration of theses, registration for examinations, etc.) can be sent to the Examinations Office by e-mail.
Final theses can be sent to the Examinations Office by the deadline in two bound copies by post (postmark = date of submission). Please also note the information on submitting theses in Banner.


Teaching and examinations


Notes to emails

The examination office will only correspond with students using their present university e-mail adresses ( ) . E-mails with other domain names will no longer be responded to.


Important informations

Faculty board decision: All CEE-students are now only required to participate in one excursion, matching the regulations for all other students. 



No further informations are available at this moment.


The examination schedules for the summer semester are currently being prepared! The online registration period is from May 15-30, 2024 (deadlines!). Please register for all oral, written and course-related examinations (internships, papers, etc.) during this period, even if you do not yet have a specific examination date. Please note the information on the examination schedule. If you have any problems with registration, please contact the Examinations Office immediately!


Exam Access

Prüfung / Exam: Strömungsmechanik 1, Dynamik komplexer Strömungen und Messtechnik aus dem Wintersemester

Datum / Date: 

Mi. 17.4.2024 um 8:30-9:30 Uhr,

Fr. 19.4.2024 um 8:30-9:30 Uhr

Mi. 24.4.2024 um 10:30-11:30 Uhr

Ort / Place:  Building 14, Room 003
Hinweis / Note: Please bring your student ID with you to check your matriculation number


Prüfung / Exam:

Datum / Date:
Ort / Place:
Hinweis / Note:


Prüfung / Exam:

Datum / Date:
Ort / Place:
Hinweis / Note:




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