Bastian Jürs


1. Why did you decide to study in Magdeburg?
Magdeburg is one of the most affordable university towns Germany and is in the middle of the country. Many other cities are relatively easy to reach due to its central location. This lets you easily visit old school friends, for example. Additionally, Magdeburg is a very green city and commutes within Magdeburg are generally short, allowing you to easily get from A to B.

2. What do your study program and the city have to offer?
There is a very relaxed learning atmosphere at the university. Especially the small sizes of the seminar groups contribute to this. Magdeburg is a university town. It is easy to meet up with other students in order to meet new people. You can always find someone who’s up for a beer at “Hassel”.

3. Can you use the knowledge acquired in your studies in your everyday/private life?
Definitely! Especially thermodynamics lets you draw parallels to everyday life. You learn, for example, how to cost-effectively heat a space, how beer in the refrigerator cools the fastest, and when milk should be added to coffee when you’re in a hurry.

As an industrial engineer, I also attended the marketing lecture. You’re suddenly made aware about how advertising works and how it influences you day in and day out.

4. Does studying help you focus your goals for the future?
My view on the world has changed a lot during my studies. I continuously gain a better outlook on life and the circles around my position in the future are getting smaller and smaller. It is motivating to think about the future and it gets more exciting the closer to graduation you get.

5. Has your vision for the future changed during your studies?
I first studied business for two semester (also in Magdeburg). I noticed that something that I had thought was too complicated for me during school, was missing. I switched to Industrial Engineering for Process and Energy Engineering and am planning to complete my master’s degree in “pure” process engineering. So, my vision has changed more and more from business to engineering. Additionally, research kept winning more of my interest over industry.

6. What advice do you have for prospective students or pupils who are informing themselves on studying at the OVGU?
You should be courageous when selecting a study program. You don’t have to be scared that something may be too hard, because the uni starts back at the basics. As an upperclassman, I didn’t take any physics classes and I haven’t any problems at uni (so far).

I can also really recommend the freshman math prep courses. They not only refresh your math knowledge, but are also a great first opportunity to meet your classmates.

7. What career would you like to pursue after graduation?
I’m not completely sure, of course, but I could very well imagine myself working in project management later on. Additionally, I have thought about getting a PhD. Since I’m still a bachelor’s degree student and my grades may have to be a bit better, this idea is still in its infancy, however ;)

8. Are you involved in other projects besides the university?
I was recently voted as the first chairman of the Student Council. Additionally, I play in a band and now and then I work for the FC St. Pauli’s football school as a coach for football camps.

9. Why should one chose the Uni Magdeburg/FVST?
For the reasons mentioned above and if you want a short and sweet answer: because it’s awesome!

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