Arrival by car

  • Via A2 (from Berlin or Hannover), exit 70 “Magdeburg Center” south bound onto the Magdeburg Ring road (E49/B189), exit “Albert-Vater-Strasse” east bound onto the B1 and continue to Universitätsplatz (large roundabout).
  • Via A14 (from Halle/Leipzig), exit 105 "Magdeburg Sudenburg, Center" onto the Magdeburg ring road (B81/E49/B71) north bound, exit "Albert-Vater-Straße" (Helmstedt, Dessau, Burg, centre, Olvenstedt) onto the B1 towards “Dessau, Burg, centre” (east) continue to Universitätsplatz (large roundabout).
  • Via B1 from the west continue to Universitätsplatz (large roundabout); do not go through the tunnel (see map).
  • Drive ¾ of the way around the roundabout and then turn onto “Gareisstraße”.
  • At the first set of traffic lights turn right into “Henning von Tresckow Straße”.
  • If you are coming from the east on B1 (from the direction of Dessau or Burg), cross over the two bridges over the Elbe. Then turn right at the second set of traffic lights after the bridges onto Pfälzer Straße (see map).

Last Modification: 21.11.2022 - Contact Person: Manuela Dullin