M.Sc. Felix Schwabe


Studied Industrial Engineering for Process and Energy Engineering
and subsequently deliberately decided to pursue a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems at the OVGU.


In addition to your studies, you volunteered. In which bodies are and have you been active?

Through a short involvement in the Green University Group, I came upon the Student Council of my faculty in my second semester. In the two years in which I was chairman of the Student Council, we as the Student Council of the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering put together the first Freshman Orientation Week, organized games, faculty and Christmas celebrations, and took part in events such as the Mile of Democracy, amongst other things. I was also involved as a student representative on the Examination Board for two years and on the Faculty Council for a year. I learned a great deal about the structures of the OVGU - and also, that changes to better study conditions require a lot of work. Despite the many 'sacrificed' hours and stressed nerves, the work was a lot of fun.


These activities and your good academic performances have also led to the fact that you have received a Germany Scholarship. Which experiences did you have with the scholarship?

I am very thankful for the scholarship. It alleviates my small family’s financial worries. I was also able to get to know the company which is funding me without obligation - including an insight into their professional world. With the help of the scholarship’s financial support, I was also able to realize an international semester. I had already envisaged this at the beginning of my studies, but only at the end - in the seventh semester - did I attend the Universidad Anáhuac Mayab in Mérida, Mexico for five months. I have always been interested in the Latin American countries and, in hindsight, it was one of the best experiences I have had so far. I got to know and love the country, it’s people, and their language. However, my academic education advanced less than I had hoped. Especially in the area of regenerative energy technologies, Mexico is miles away from the German know-how.


How did things at the OVGU continue after your study abroad?

After my time abroad, I completed a 6-month internship at FuelCon in Barleben and wrote my bachelor’s thesis during this time, which I defended a few weeks ago. I was introduced to FuelCon during an excursion by the Student Council. I found the area of fuel cells/batteries very fascinating and working in a small, young company enticing. I spent most of my time taking care of my own project and working independently, which I liked very much. Eight months ago a became a proud dad. During the internship I had very little time for my little daughter. I am studying for my master’s part time - this gives my girlfriend time to study so she can finish her degree next year.

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