Internship for Secondary School Students - over already?!

03.11.2015 -  

For one week, 14 very interested students from Saxony-Anhalt, Lower Saxony, Saxony, and Brandenburg visited Magdeburg not to just peek through laboratory doors from the outside, but rather be a part of the action themselves and, for example, produce crystals, precipitate color pigments, color cells, build robots, and program computers as part of the "process engineering and technical cybernetics" internship for secondary school students.

This and much more was and has for years been an integral part of the intensive internship for secondary school students. In excellently rehearsed cooperation between the Max Planck Institute Magdeburg and the Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering, it is held every year during the Easter and autumn holidays and encourages girls and boys attending college preparatory school’s upper class l to reflect upon their own wishes of what studies to pursue.
After all, process engineering and cybernetics is a great combination, with a variety of applications that one also knows from one’s own environment, whether it is the color of lemonade, sugar crystals in the kitchen, a Segway at full speed, or the next flu shot!
With the appropriate studies, being a part of this research and development in the future could become reality.

For those who are now interested: all important information regarding registration and scheduleing, participation requirements, and experiments to be offered can be found at and

In the end the students also said it was a great week. And we say: Thank you to everyone involved at the MPI and the FVST for the great cooperation. To another one Easter 2016!

Students experiment in the MPI’s lab for crystals, for example, and

in the Carnot-Building lab for pigments.

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