Ladies Night for Women in Engineering Sciences

The Ladies Night for Women in Engineering Sciences is a networking event with a focus on the careers of women in engineering sciences, mathematics, computer sciences and natural sciences. In addition to presentations by established scientists and engineers, discussions are facilitated and different career paths in industry and science are presented. The aim is to encourage women in particular to pursue their own careers in these fields.

In 2022, the event celebrated its 10th anniversary.


Invitation to this year's Ladies Night

In the week from  April 22-26, 2024, there will once again be an interesting program for students, doctoral candidates, postdocs and highschool students, starting on Tuesday evening, 23.04.2024, at 5 pm at the Max-Planck-Institute in Sandtorstraße 1 in Magdeburg.

All interested persons are invited to guest lectures, discussion rounds and a networking evening.

The participating institutes and the OVGU will present opportunities to pursue a PhD.


You can find the complete program below on the website and in the flyer.


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Ladies Night Prize 2024

The annual Ladies Night Poster Prize will be awarded by a jury consisting of scientists from various research areas at OVGU.

We are delighted that the prize is being sponsored this year by Salutas Pharma GmbH. The winner will receive a book voucher for the university bookstore Coppenrath & Boeser worth 100 euros.

Participation in the competition was possible until 31.03.2024 (information).The next possibility for participation will be announced here after this year's Ladies Night.



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Upcoming events

23.04.2024 - Ladies Night 2024

5 pm at the Max-Planck-Institute in Sandtorstraße 1, Magdeburg

Various speakers will give guest lectures on the topics: gender pay gap, gender inequality, work-life balance and gender equality.

Guest speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Tina Haase & M.Sc. Gesa Götte (Fraunhofer IFF Institute)
  • Dr. Mareike Fingerhut-Säck (OVGU, Equal Opportunities) & M.A. Marie Bierstedt (OVGU, Family Officer)
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Delhey (OVGU, Institute of Sociology)
  • Dr. Julia Becker (OVGU, Institute of Materials & Joining Technology)

In addition, doctoral programs at the participating institutes will be presented and exchange with experienced scientists and engineers will be possible.
Snacks and drinks will be provided. 

We are happy to welcome the band of the Max-Planck-Institute muMPItz.


For better planning, please register at:


24.04.2024 - Career opportunities in engineering and STEM fields at OVGU & beyond

at 10.30 am OVGU Universitätsplatz 2

  • 10.30 am - 12.00 pm (Building 10, Room 219)  Doing a doctorate - a good idea?
    Are you passionate about science? Your professor offers you a doctoral position? There are many good reasons to start a doctorate - Dr. Barbara Witter will present exactly these and discuss the pros and cons with you.
    In addition, doctoral candidates from OVGU will give an insight into their everyday life as doctoral candidates and share their experiences with you.

Speaker: Dr. Barbara Witter (OVGU, Graduate Academy)


  • 11.00 am - 12.00 pm (Building 18) Application photos (Room 135) and application portfolio check (Room 113) Slot 1
    Do you need new application photos or support with your application?
    The Media, Communication & Marketing team, together with the OVGU Career Service, offers you the opportunity to have professional application photos taken and to get the last important tips for the perfect application.
    If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail, stating your name and preferred time. Hint: The appointments are allocated every 15 minutes.

Contact persons: Nance Kaemmerer (OVGU), Jana Dünnhaupt (OVGU)


  • 12.30 pm - 1.30 pm (Building 22A, Room 111 and Foyer) The pharmaceutical production company Salutas Pharma GmbH visits from Barleben
    Salutas Pharma GmbH (a subsidiary of the Sandoz Group) is known throughout Germany for its Hexal product brand, among other things. With its product range, it offers doctors, pharmacists and patients a wide range of highly complex biotechnologically produced medicines.
    Dr. Elena Horosanskaia will present job opportunities and talk about her work.

Contact persons: Dr. Elena Horosanskaia (Salutas Pharma GmbH)


  • 1.30 pm - 3 pm (Building 18) Application photos (Room 135) and application portfolio check (Room 113) Slot 2


25.04.2024 - Girl's & Boy's Future Day

Contact persons: Dr. Nicole Vorhauer-Huget (OVGU), Luise Blach (OVGU)



Photographs will be taken during the events by commissioned photographers for the purpose of documentation and publication on websites, social media channels, in MPI Magdeburg print products or in third-party media. By participating in the event, you agree to the publication of photos in which you are also depicted, without temporal and spatial restrictions. If you do not wish this, please inform the photographers or our staff.

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